Teddy Hays

Founder / Developer

Teddy is an award-winning web developer, published author, and owner of three companies. He is an expert programmer capable of building entire web platforms from scratch by himself. His dozens of clients have contracted him to build front-end interfaces, server architecture, and organize databases.


Daniel Nix

Architect / Automator

Daniel is a problem solver, a dreamer, and an architect of innovative technology. He left school to become a full-time entrepreneur years ago, owning multiple businesses and developing incredible things to this day. He is incredibly skilled at workflow automation, visual effects, and building new technologies.


Michael Robinson

Graphic / UX Designer

Michael is a world-class designer and user interface developer. He has worked with some of the biggest and smallest companies to develop stunning logos, graphics, business cards and websites. Michael has an incredible skill with designing modern, minimal visuals that ensures that your next project looks as beautiful as it possibly can.


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